Riverina health psychology

Health psychology has the knowledge, techniques and guidance to assist you with your personal issues:
Personal and private
Anxiety and depression caused by stress and life's unexpected events
Work place bullying
 University student stress               overload
High school student personal performance
Sport Performance

Alan Hely works with individuals from high school age and above through the practice of CBT and its applied disciplines of Motivational Interviewing (MI), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Behavioural Activation Therapy (BAT) and Performance Psychology.

  • Registered Work Cover provider in psychology
  • Registered outreach counsellor with Open Arms (formerly V.V.C.S.)
  • Personal issues, stress, depression, anxiety, relationships
  • Men’s mental health
  • Alcohol, drugs
  • Veterans and veterans families
  • Work Cover injury, pain management, self confidence,
  • PTSD through accidents, military and emergency services.
  • Bullying in workplace and high school
  • Performance in high school and early work years- Anxiety, performance, personal issues/stress
  • Sport issues – Motivation, confidence, emotional control, concentration, yips, choking.
  • Performance Psychology for Sport’s motivation, concentration, confidence and control.
  • Men’s mental health. Focused individualised treatment for work, life, stress and personal issues.
  • High school and early work years. Counselling for school, life stress and personal issues.

About Alan Hely

Alan’s 30 year career provides an extensive background in psychology:

  • Experience in applied practical psychology, research, teaching and counselling.
  • Private practice in sport/performance psychology and stress management.
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Corrections psychology
  • Individual and group training in anger management, stress management and personal development.
  • Teaching psychology and rehabilitation at Charles Sturt University
  • Working in the Australian Public Service in Canberra
  • Providing EAP services and case management in the rehabilitation industry.
Approachable affable style

Alan was born and educated in Wagga and establishes a quick rapport with men and women from the local district. Clients travel from many parts of the Riverina to engage in treatment with Alan.

Our Philosophy

Modern psychology is a powerful science which draws on many sub disciplines to enable you to be your best.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, neurophysiology, brain science, stress medicine, skill acquisition, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Behavioural Activation Therapy, Relaxation skills, Guided Imagery, are all components of the psychologists tool kit. 

The knowledge provided by these evidence bases sciences is applied to your individual personal circumstance.

On many occasions a person is helped through the process of "Psycho education" in which therapy or counselling is not required, rather an educational process is preferable.

What you can expect at Riverina Health Psychology
An initial assessment is obtained by talking through the topics that you want help with. We then commence a treatment program using the psychological knowledge and techniques that are most relevant to you.

You are a unique individual and all counselling is designed for you.

Open Arms
Open Arms

Previously referred to as the VVCS, this service is open to all current serving and veterans of Australian Defence Force. Families are also entitled to service.

Alan Hely is registered with Open Arms as an Outreach Counsellor.

Initial inquiries should be directed to the Open Arms number on 1800 011 046.

An initial telephone interview establishes basic information and you will be allocated to the nearest Counsellor.


Performance psychology utilises the knowledge and techniques contained in sport psychology, skill acquisition, CBT and relaxation imagery training.

Develop strengths in your motivation, confidence, concentration and control.

Solve problems like choking, yips, mid match slumps and over thinking in the match.


Stress is a reaction to distressing life events. These can be sudden and unpredicted or building up over a longer period of time.

Specific stressful events include relationship crisis, death, bullying, exams, dismissal, car accidents.

Stress reactions typically occur after or during a personal life crisis that presents an unsolvable problem. Reactions to stress include loss of normal mental capability, insomnia, increased emotional reactivity such as anger, sadness or numbness.


Stress, depression, fatigue and breakdown can be caused by many different stressors including relationships, grief, workplace and school bullying, life accidents,

Current knowledge in brain science shows that a gradual build up of chronic stress can diminish proper brain functioning.

What clients say

It's never been explained to me like that before. That explains a lot of my reactions and helps me to deal with the issues.


It's so good to hear someone say I am normal when for all these years I thought it was my fault.

Abuse survivor

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